Spiritual Nourishment



Associated with the lungs, breathing, air organization, and spiritual nourishment, frankincense is imbued with the intelligence to slow and deepen the breath. The lungs are the organs that interface the internal milieu with the outside world and are the route by which the astral and spirit bodies incarnate into the physical body, connecting one with the earth. We are connected with the environment through breathing.

With reference to frankincense Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, Founder of Spiritual PhytoEssencing writes “Its value derives as much from a calming and purifying of both the emotional and spiritual planes as upon a direct action upon the skin. A calm and pure spirit will be mirrored in a relaxed and clear countenance. It is said, after having spent 40 days and nights in the presence of God, Moses’ face glowed with light.”

Frankincense oil is useful in the treatment of: anxiety; nervous tension; stress-related symptoms; shortness of breath; circulatory stimulant; improve blood flow; lymphatic congestion and drainer; breast lymphatics; immune stimulant; acne; tones and rejuvenates aging skin; dry, mature complexions; skin ulcers; wounds; wrinkles; and scars. IN FIORE: Décoletté Luxury Treatment Balm; NOURRIT Face Oil Concentré; Complexe de Fleur Cellular Renewal Complex; CORPS VITALE Balancing Floral Tonic; LYMPHE Release; OMAN Bath &  Body Oil.