Zingiber, the Latin name for ginger is derived from the Sanskrit singabera which means “shaped like a horn.”

Ginger acts as a direct invigorator of the body nurturing it back to vitality. It clears microcirculatory channels and supports nutrient breakdown and assimilation of nutrients to body tissues. Says Dr. Bruce Berkwosky, “…According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ginger strengthens Kidney Yang, or Life Gate Fire, through which the kidneys rule Water. Accordingly, this fire evaporates water, a step required for its ascension and circulation. The kidneys are pivotal to the entire process of water movement and transformation. Ginger tonifies astral mobilazation in the kidneys which improves the vaporizing action of the Life Gate Fire: the kidneys’ “pilot light,” one of the pathways that ginger uses to help take control of dampness.”