Julie Elliott’s Travel Amenities


Julie Elliott’s Travel Amenities

In Fiore Creatrix, Julie Elliott, takes air travel seriously and she’s got her ritual down pat for long-haul flights. Find out how she thwarts the effects of circulated air and prolonged sitting without ever having to do calisthenics in the aisles.

Tulsi Tea

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Is objective #1 for maintaining good circulation on long flights. To keep my system hydrated and soothed throughout the flight, I drink copious amounts of herbal tea. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is a powerful adaptogenic (anti-stress agent) loaded with immune-supporting antioxidants. I add peppermint for stomach and bronchial support, and the occasional green tea when en route to/from Japan.

Similasan Eye Drops

There’s nothing worse than the sensation of grittiness and dry eyes due to poor air quality. No amount of blinking will help a sister out. Plus, for me, irritated eyes only exacerbate jet lag. For prevention, here’s my trick: every two hours I clear my eyes with Similasan’s homeopathic eye drops. They contain the remedies Belladonna and Hepar sulphuris to combat dryness, redness, burning, and grittiness.

Xlear Sinus Spray

Another cornerstone of my every-two-hours regimen. This one’s a lifesaver. Xlear contains a balance of xylitol, purified water, salt, and most importantly grapefruit seed extract to keep sinuses and nasal passages clean, lubricated, and protected from airborne pathogens.


I regularly take probiotics as a preventative, and to strengthen and support my immune system. These come in capsules that don’t require refrigeration, making them perfect for taking on-the-go. Prescript-Assist is a highly potent probiotic-prebiotic with 29 strains of soil-based microorganisms in a fulvic acid complex, meaning probiotics reach more areas of your gut. My pre-flight program starts one week before: I double up on my standard dose, and I continue this during and then up to a few days after travel.

ETS Plus Perelandra Essence

I’ve been taking this for years and keep several bottles handy within immediate and easy reach – my purse, my nightstand, on my working table. ETS is a flower essence that contains 153 patterns to balance and stabilize physical and subtle bodies. Excellent for stress and acute situations of any kind, which could just about describe a typical airplane experience these days. It’s taken orally and can also be applied topically to the skin or added to a bath for a healing luxury when you’ve reached your destination.