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Pre-Game for the Sun with Soleil Fleur

Soleil Fleur Sun defense

SOLEIL FLEUR Before Sun Treatment

Here comes the sun again. If you’ve started to receive the onslaught of emails detailing the grisly effects of the sun and why you need a potent sunscreen, we’ll make it easy for you in two words – prevent first. We’ve revamped the ever popular SOLEIL FLEUR Before Sun Treatment to feel more like a serum and less like a lotion.

While no single sunscreen will ever keep those dastardly carcinogenic ultraviolet rays away, you can take a preemptive step to reduce the damage done by the sun by layering Soleil Fleur under your moisturizer (or even SPF) to safeguard against hyperpigmentation and blotchiness.  Soleil Fleur was designed for a jet-setter who’s in Delhi one day and Osaka the other. New this time around, we’ve fortified the antioxidant-rich formula with Red Raspberry Seed Oil, which acts as a natural UV shield thanks to its high concentrations of Vitamins A & E and omegas 3 & 6. The newer, improved delivery system helps these elements penetrate deeper into your epidermis and offer skin a unique comfort and broad-spectrum protection against the nasties – environmental aggressors, which break down your precious collagen.  The new softer texture beautifully smoothes skin and acts like a makeup base if needed.

The status quo is shifting to prevention in skincare everywhere. But, if you’re not ready to commit to full-sized protection, we’ve also created a TSA-happy, travel-sized version, too.

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Julie Elliott’s Travel Amenities


Julie Elliott’s Travel Amenities

In Fiore Creatrix, Julie Elliott, takes air travel seriously and she’s got her ritual down pat for long-haul flights. Find out how she thwarts the effects of circulated air and prolonged sitting without ever having to do calisthenics in the aisles.

Tulsi Tea

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Is objective #1 for maintaining good circulation on long flights. To keep my system hydrated and soothed throughout the flight, I drink copious amounts of herbal tea. Tulsi (Holy Basil) is a powerful adaptogenic (anti-stress agent) loaded with immune-supporting antioxidants. I add peppermint for stomach and bronchial support, and the occasional green tea when en route to/from Japan.

Similasan Eye Drops

There’s nothing worse than the sensation of grittiness and dry eyes due to poor air quality. No amount of blinking will help a sister out. Plus, for me, irritated eyes only exacerbate jet lag. For prevention, here’s my trick: every two hours I clear my eyes with Similasan’s homeopathic eye drops. They contain the remedies Belladonna and Hepar sulphuris to combat dryness, redness, burning, and grittiness.

Xlear Sinus Spray

Another cornerstone of my every-two-hours regimen. This one’s a lifesaver. Xlear contains a balance of xylitol, purified water, salt, and most importantly grapefruit seed extract to keep sinuses and nasal passages clean, lubricated, and protected from airborne pathogens.


I regularly take probiotics as a preventative, and to strengthen and support my immune system. These come in capsules that don’t require refrigeration, making them perfect for taking on-the-go. Prescript-Assist is a highly potent probiotic-prebiotic with 29 strains of soil-based microorganisms in a fulvic acid complex, meaning probiotics reach more areas of your gut. My pre-flight program starts one week before: I double up on my standard dose, and I continue this during and then up to a few days after travel.

ETS Plus Perelandra Essence

I’ve been taking this for years and keep several bottles handy within immediate and easy reach – my purse, my nightstand, on my working table. ETS is a flower essence that contains 153 patterns to balance and stabilize physical and subtle bodies. Excellent for stress and acute situations of any kind, which could just about describe a typical airplane experience these days. It’s taken orally and can also be applied topically to the skin or added to a bath for a healing luxury when you’ve reached your destination.


Here Comes the Sun | Spring Equinox

here comes the sun


The Spring equinox has arrived.  The word “equinox derives from the Old French equince (equality of the day and night), and reflects what we see on the first day of spring. At In Fiore this is the ideal time to revisit resolution, take time for yourself and while you are at it put your best face forward and start the day with Soleil Fleur before sun treatment.



In Fiore Facial at IO

Exclusively at International Orange

Let there be light. Try the In Fiore facial at IO.  Beginning with the signature In Fiore 4-2-4 cleanse and ending with IO’s coveted Slap, Tap and Roll massage, this dynamic facial journey will elevate your skin to new heights. A dual-step treatment process includes a pumped up Lucense brightening peel packed with bearberry, licorice and alpha hydroxy acids which is followed by a wild-harvested mineral concoction to further penetrate antioxidants and nutrients into the skin. Moderate extractions; heavy on the sculpting, toning and luminosity.

Complexe De Fleur NEW SIZE


Complexe De Fleur NEW SIZE

Love yourself

Love yourself with in fiore

Love yourself with in fiore


Fleur Vibrante Trilogy





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Lymphe Release II





Comfrey Vs Calendula




Fall’s Dry Skin Heroes

In Fiore Luxury body oilBodyOils_2014_Blog_2BodyOils_2014_Blog_3BodyOils_2014_Blog_4

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Fleur Vibrante Instant Radiance



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Full Body Oiling

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Summer Saviors






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How to strike oil (again…)








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Bikini Balm


Skin down there requires serious attention when exposed to the sun and hair removal methods. Perfect for holiday summer preparation is our newly reformulated Bikini Balm, truly the most luxurious skin-soothing balm you’ll find specially crafted for the painfully irritated skin along the bikini line.  Available now in a 50 ml, travel-ready jar, the organic, non-greasy treatment contains natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that melt into the delicate skin and promote rapid healing of the hyper sensitive bikini line. To keep the area incredibly smooth and comfortable, Evening Primrose oil comforts on the spot.  Razor burn, bumps, and redness are alleviated from Cape Chamomile Flower oil, prized for its extremely high concentrations of protective Azulene in addition to the calming benefits of Arnica Montana and Calendula Flower extracts, which penetrate newly exfoliated skin to deeply relieve and prevent rashes.  Richly scented with fresh Bulgarian Rose absolute and Ylang Ylang botanical essences, the treatment balm can be applied on the spot after a treatment or while at the beach for instant relief, though also performs best when massaged into skin still damp from the bath or shower.

Skin Saving Serum



The Ultimate Skin Reviver



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Radiance Broth


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Kiss Me




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perfumery as medicine





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The 4-2-4 IN FIORE-Style




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Spiritual Nourishment



Associated with the lungs, breathing, air organization, and spiritual nourishment, frankincense is imbued with the intelligence to slow and deepen the breath. The lungs are the organs that interface the internal milieu with the outside world and are the route by which the astral and spirit bodies incarnate into the physical body, connecting one with the earth. We are connected with the environment through breathing.

With reference to frankincense Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, Founder of Spiritual PhytoEssencing writes “Its value derives as much from a calming and purifying of both the emotional and spiritual planes as upon a direct action upon the skin. A calm and pure spirit will be mirrored in a relaxed and clear countenance. It is said, after having spent 40 days and nights in the presence of God, Moses’ face glowed with light.”

Frankincense oil is useful in the treatment of: anxiety; nervous tension; stress-related symptoms; shortness of breath; circulatory stimulant; improve blood flow; lymphatic congestion and drainer; breast lymphatics; immune stimulant; acne; tones and rejuvenates aging skin; dry, mature complexions; skin ulcers; wounds; wrinkles; and scars. IN FIORE: Décoletté Luxury Treatment Balm; NOURRIT Face Oil Concentré; Complexe de Fleur Cellular Renewal Complex; CORPS VITALE Balancing Floral Tonic; LYMPHE Release; OMAN Bath &  Body Oil.


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Primordial gold


Lemongrass, known as the “primordial” gold remedy, resides in the transition point between yellow and gold and is a hybrid of both color forces. The gold character of lemongrass is more youthful and partially elaborated, and its golden “genes” are sufficiently expressed to strongly influence the soul nature of the oil. Yellow, warm and uplifting, is the color of the sun and the premier color in the spectrum regarding lightness and luminosity. Lemongrass’ tonic-stimulant effect derives from its strong affinity with yellow.

Lemongrass oil has a regulating action upon the fluid organism and is a specific for many aspects of immunological action. It is a lymphatic stimulant and can support lymphatic flow via tonification of lymphatic vessels and the stimulation of white blood cell movement and the aspiration of congesting extracellular fluids. Lemongrass activates all aspects of lymphatic immune function within the lymphatic vessels as well in the mucosal membranes which line many of the organs including those of the respiratory and digestive tracts, and supports the drainage of harmful toxins, primarily via the lymphatic system and spleen. 

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The beauty that is Kyoto




Honen-in Temple, Kyoto

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Zingiber, the Latin name for ginger is derived from the Sanskrit singabera which means “shaped like a horn.”

Ginger acts as a direct invigorator of the body nurturing it back to vitality. It clears microcirculatory channels and supports nutrient breakdown and assimilation of nutrients to body tissues. Says Dr. Bruce Berkwosky, “…According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ginger strengthens Kidney Yang, or Life Gate Fire, through which the kidneys rule Water. Accordingly, this fire evaporates water, a step required for its ascension and circulation. The kidneys are pivotal to the entire process of water movement and transformation. Ginger tonifies astral mobilazation in the kidneys which improves the vaporizing action of the Life Gate Fire: the kidneys’ “pilot light,” one of the pathways that ginger uses to help take control of dampness.”

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when there’s nothing left…


“I’d ask my mother what she did in the war when her flat had been blown up. She remembered taking a bottle of Shocking perfume by Schiaparelli. She said: ‘When there’s nothing left, you stick to the superfluous.'”

~Jane Birkin

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Calendula Herb of the Sun



Calendula also know as “herb of the sun”,  is a storehouse of solar energies. The closing and opening of Calendula blossoms is synchronized with the setting and rising of the sun, therefore the blossoms are imbued with solar healing energies and its therapeutic actions are enhanced by the plants absorption of the healing powers of the sun.

The Old English name for Calendula is “Golds”.  Gold represents the Sun, our source of light and life. In homeopathic treatments, Gold Remedies are associated with our internalized light body – integrating aeration and lightness into our living tissues, permeating metabolic processes, and establishing internal harmony.

Calendula is imbued with gentle, soothing qualities and is an anti-inflammatory agent traditionally used to quell the “fire” of burns and irritating rashes. Calendula is a specific for lymphatic congestion, facial thread veins, varicose veins, inflamed lymph nodes, scar tissue, sebaceous cysts, inflamed skin legions, and eczema.


Pass the Bone



If there is one beautifying ritual we all have in common at In Fiore it’s the inclusion of bone broth in our daily diets. Bone broth is loaded with bioavailable glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) and hyaluronic acid that stimulate cells called fibroblasts which lay down collagen. “The nutrients in bone stocks switch the genes for collagen manufacture to “on,” says Dr. Catherine Shanahan M.D. “Whether in a skin cream or your soup bowl, the same natural ingredients help you look young. But when you ingest them, you infuse all the layers of your skin, and all the other tissues of your body, with rejuvenating nutrients.”

We believe in the virtues of bone broth so much so that we will start a series on broths featuring local San Francisco chefs and their favorite stock recipes and nutritional insights. To learn more about how beauty and health are connected we highly recommend  the book: Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food, by Catherine Shanahan MD.



you’ve got the moon


“You got the sun, you’ve got the moon, and you’ve got the Rolling Stones”- Keith Richards

Lunar Eclipse and Full moon in Aries October 18th, 2013.


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The Magic of Scent



“To create a perfume you have to be the servant of the subconscious.” ~Serge Lutens

Purification rites







Paying homage to the Turkish hammam and the healing power of water. The sacred practice of cleansing the body and mind.  Healing herself through water, we see Kate Moss at the Istanbul hammam.

Courtesy of W Magazine 2008


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Today on The Coveteur


“I’m a bit obsessed with a beauty brand called In Fiore, it’s a brand out of San Fransisco. Each jar is a magic potion for your skin, seriously extraordinary oils and serums. This bracelet is so simple, but I guess I’m not a big jewelry girl so this easy piece just works with everything. Kind of lifts up a basic tee which is very much my thing.” – Yasmin

Jewelry, Aesa

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Know: San Francisco Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013

“With a centuries-old apothecary up front and offices and lab space in the back, visiting In Fiore is a bit like looking behind the wizard’s curtain. In this case, the sorceress is Julie Elliott, who launched her In Fiore local-gone-global collection of perfumes, body balms, and skincare in 1999. Hints of signature notes like rose noir, vetiver, and jasmine emanate from the dark wood floors and glass front cabinets that house the beauty line, wrapping visitors in an irresistible cloak of fragrance.” ~San Francisco Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013

Know: The Orianids

Meteor showers put on a supernatural show tonight. Stage set design for mozart’s magic flute by german architect and painter Karl Friedrich Schinkel. 1815