Calendula Herb of the Sun



Calendula also know as “herb of the sun”,  is a storehouse of solar energies. The closing and opening of Calendula blossoms is synchronized with the setting and rising of the sun, therefore the blossoms are imbued with solar healing energies and its therapeutic actions are enhanced by the plants absorption of the healing powers of the sun.

The Old English name for Calendula is “Golds”.  Gold represents the Sun, our source of light and life. In homeopathic treatments, Gold Remedies are associated with our internalized light body – integrating aeration and lightness into our living tissues, permeating metabolic processes, and establishing internal harmony.

Calendula is imbued with gentle, soothing qualities and is an anti-inflammatory agent traditionally used to quell the “fire” of burns and irritating rashes. Calendula is a specific for lymphatic congestion, facial thread veins, varicose veins, inflamed lymph nodes, scar tissue, sebaceous cysts, inflamed skin legions, and eczema.